Performance Rhythmic Program

General Information 

Rhythmic gymnastics was introduced into the Kid Zone curriculum in October 2015. Under the direction of Sue Martin, the program has flourished. We have a recreational entry level for young beginners who wish to learn the basics of the sport, and we have a flourishing competitive team, that has affiliations with USAG, and the USAIGC. In other words, girls can learn to have fun or learn to be a serious competitor.

Basic Information about Rhythmic Gymnastics 

Firstly it is an Olympic sport!. RG is a balance of ballet and acrobatics , where flexibility, poise and  grace come together with dexterity and performance . Girls learn to twirl the ribbon and rope and hoop , toss ball and clubs,  while dancing, balancing , tumbling and jumping . The beautifully ornate leotards that are traditional for performance create a special and unique chance for girls to show case their skills.

Class Schedule

  • Pre Team: Thursday 2:30Pm – 4:00Pm.
  • Beginner Level Competitive Level 4 Training:
    Friday 5:00Pm – 7:00Pm
    Saturday 10:00Am – 12:00Pm
  • Intermediate & Advanced Competitive Training:
    Tuesday & Thursday 4:00Pm – 7:00Pm
    Friday 5:00Pm – 7:00Pm

If you are interested in having your child audition for a placement in one of our classes, it is best to call Coach Sue 808 276 9781.